YO wuz good Chicken Heads? I know some of you have been asking where on this globe is Dante frying chicken? Well, just to let you all know – I’ve been frying up at various parties and events, but the big news is I have been writing a book! A cookbook. AND it will be available this Fall. That’s been my main focus as of the last 8 months. It’s been pretty fucking intense. A crazed journey. We are also working with a publishing juggernaut (Sterling) which is the equivalent to getting signed to a major record label and they have been unbelievably supportive.

And in addition to the truck, I’ve have been meeting with a grip of agents and production companies to be pitched for “mass TV”. Honestly, I just wasn’t feeling the show options being presented to me. I mean, they pretty much wanted me to spark drama (i.e. hire incompetent people to work with me so they could inevitably fuck shit up). They also wanted plenty of gender and sex bullshit as well. Basically, they wanted it to appeal to a crowd that would watch “Housewives” (which I’ve never seen). It had nothing to do with food, music, anthropology, art or culture—you know, all the shit I’m into!!! At first I was willing to give it a try, but for now, I just realized I should be focusing on everything I love and what got me here in the first place. So I decided to put all my focus and energy into this book, as well as get back to my roots and develop more DFC party episodes because that’s what I love doing the most.


So ROF is not RIP. It was meant to start off as a pop-up truck that lasted for 4 – 6 months. We wanted to do market research and kinda get a feel for LA and the truck culture in general. It went so well that we ended up staying open for a year and some change. We even won The Thrillist’s Best of the Best Food Truck award (ummm RAD). We learned a lot through ROF. For one, it’s very hard to serve thoughtful high-end food like mine out of a truck. I  avoid industrialized meats and refuse to feed you guys that stuff. So, I was using local boutique farmed, humane chicken and even at wholesale prices it’s nearly double to triple the price of the typical toxic McTyson, steroid bird from a restaurant supply warehouse. So we are reformulating a menu of chicken and biscuits. That’s what people really wanted and we are going to focus and make it affordable, healthy and delicious. For those who can’t live without the cheese grits, mac UPS, pies, tomatillo collards, yam banana catfish, blueberry Guinness brisket—stay tuned. Soon, we will begin a series of 3-course pop-up dinners called the DFC Experience where you get these favorites and more.

I promise as of now that me and the DFC team are going to get active with you guys with a few blog entries a week. For the next update I will be showing you guys how to make Candied Apple Pie witch i will make this weekend and have you for you Monday or Tuesday. Cheers for now Chicken Heads – thanks for da’ support. Holla.

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